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Using gaffer tape to cover up white bottoms on CY cymbals? Better option?

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  • Using gaffer tape to cover up white bottoms on CY cymbals? Better option?

    Hey All, Just ordered a Massive TD-50 Kit with many extras (pics to come), All cymbals are the newer TD 17/50 design (black bottoms).

    I have always hated the white bottoms of the older Roland cymbals (why did they do that), I have two CY-12's that I want to "cover up" the bottoms so that they match the cymbals on the rest of the kit.

    Best way to do this?, I have tried black gaffer tape and it looks OK (from a distance), but ideally would like to use one big piece of something so there are no lines.
    I'd like to avoid painting of any kid, looking for a simpler option.

    Has anyone done this?, How did you do it.


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    Have you try vinyl skin for car ? Amazon sale for cheap price. You can try it.


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      Please keep us posted Vigosh. I think others here (me included) may be interested in how this turns out.


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        you say you don't like 'paint' .. but it would look the sleakest.. ..and you have this 'spray on black rubber' which is still peelable ..
        if i were to do this .. that's what i would use .. after taping/ separating the white part..
        or i would search for 'matte black rubber peel off spray paint' ..
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