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On-line drumless tracks

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  • On-line drumless tracks

    Hi people. I have purchased a used Roland TD30KV. Is there an app either on pc or iphone where you can play along to 'drumless' tracks and maybe feedback on playing?

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    youtube have plenty drumless songs


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      Check YouTube first... there’s also quite a few options out there if you’re willing to pay a subscription fee. But YouTube is definitely a trove of options and channels you can dig into
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        Do a forum search for the topic as there are plenty of suggestions and links!
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          Two that I use for play along, and enjoy are: Sina (Sina Drums), and the very entertaining Band Geek people (who use electronic drums alot). The thing about Dina is the quality of the video (now in 4k), and her very good technique. Playing along to the hundreds of plain drumless tracks can be pretty boring and doesn't stretch you, look for good players and watch them and play along with them, that is where you can improve.