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Roland VH10 availability

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  • Roland VH10 availability

    I was looking to sell my VH12 and get a VH10 but it seems no one has them in stock. What the heck is going on ? You would think a company like Roland could keep these in stock . Any ideas on what going on ? Are they getting ready to roll out something different, I was just wondering . I just noticed all of them on eBay but they are being shipped from Japan for about $50 shipping . I will buy a GOedrum hihat controller on amazon before I do that
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    I doubt they are planning a new replacement for it already. It's probably just immensely popular because it performs on par with the VH-11, is lighter/more realistic and cheaper. They probably just underestimated the demand for them. I guess it's better to have not enough in inventory and make new ones than order too many upfront and not be able to sell them all.


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      There seems to be some kind of issue with Roland stock in Europe right now. I was quoted August to get a CY-14C which is absolutely crazy. Luckily there was a customer return that I was able to get hold of. They quoted Roland distribution as not having any for the forseeable future.
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        thomann has the VH10 and CY14 in Stock. Drumtec also. Can`t be all of europe.
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