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vdrum suggestions /options for choir backing

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  • vdrum suggestions /options for choir backing

    Hi, I work with a high school in the US and am looking for some suggestions/advice on vdrums for live backing of a choir. Some background first and to give you an idea of some of the research we've done already.

    The school does a couple of annual pop music choral concerts. These contain both small group (band) acts and large choral numbers (sort of show choir-y but not quite, more rock and roll concert-esque). Over the 40+ years of these concerts an ongoing struggle has been to match the level of the band (especially drums) with the choir (too big for individual micing). Last year we finally convinced the directors involved to try using a vdrum kit and we were able to achieve a much better result than we have ever done in the past with insulated drum cages, etc. The kit we borrowed last year was a 2box DrumIt 5 and we were all pretty happy with it (well, except for a couple high school drummers who complained before even sitting down and trying it because vdrums suck man!). As a result the directors want to purchase a vdrum solution for this year and going forward. Of course, 2box has stopped producing the DrumIt 5. To further complicate things numbers throughout the concert are played by different players so there is not a consistent drummer (or other band members) throughout. Ease of a regular acoustic kit drummer sitting down and being able to play (and fairly high "acoustic drummer acceptance factor") are also important things.

    So now some requirements/things we're looking for:
    * Multiple independent outputs. The show is mixed professionally with two engineers handling both monitors/in-ears and FOH. It's our strong preference to have individual feeds for: Kick, Snare, Hat, Toms, Cymbals (though we could combine one or two of those if we really needed to)
    * Probably needs to be a self-contained sound module. For live playing with several different drummers I just don't see a computer based system being realistic/reliable enough.
    * Realistic acoustic sounds
    * Acoustic drummer acceptance factor and ease of sitting down and playing for people who have never played vdrums before
    * Cost: It doesn't need to be the cheapest thing out there, but neither can it be incredibly expensive. Looking for a good price/performance/quality value.

    Honestly, if the DrumIt 5 were still available new that's probably what we'd go with as we didn't have any major issues last year with the one we borrowed. However, since that's not the case we're looking for other options. So far it seems like the best option may be to convert one of our old acoustic kits into an electric one by installing triggers, buying some electronic cymbals, and a DrumIt 3 module. I'm open to other suggestions too though. If you agree that this seems to be the best option for us I'm looking for suggestions on triggers, mounts, mesh heads, and cymbals. If you have other suggestions I'd be interested in hearing about those too. I'm comfortable with electronics engineering, soldering, woodworking, and sound engineering but I'm not a drummer myself so any advice you can give is appreciated. Thanks!

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    What's your budget? Would the time taken to diy have to come from the budget?

    I've been interested to find that the sound guys I work with in church (all very experienced, some pros in their day jobs) like a simple lr output and comment that the reason for individual instrument levels is the variability of Mic placement etc that vdrums inherently overcomes.


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      Budget is probably in the same ballpark as what we would have paid for the DrumIt 5 so let's say around $2200 USD. No I'm volunteering the DIY time so time is free, though if it's likely going to take more than 20ish hours I'd like to know about that.