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Overwhelmed. Kit advice please?

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  • Overwhelmed. Kit advice please?

    As I mentioned in my intro post, I'm coming back to drumming after a long break. So long in fact, my last electronic kit had hexagonal pads

    I've been having a good look round at various options for contemporary kits, but would like to ask the advice of this community.
    I'm interested in large (acoustic kit sized) mesh head pads, a stable and solid build quality, a loose snare to go on a stand, a hi hat to go on a traditional stand, and a decent drum module which is easy to use and has a good variety of included kits. I don't think I'll be building my own kits at this stage, but would like some variety to choose from.

    I'll be installing the kit in my loft work room.

    I find myself really intrigued by the combination of the large Pintech drum pads and Zildjian L80 low volume cymbals, as I think this might be a really good acoustic feeling kit to play.

    I have a budget of about 2k


    Many thanks,


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    Go and hit some things first. That will help you to round down the options.
    As you're in London, pop to the West end visit the Yamaha store in Wardour Street and hit some silicone pads, for example. Then off to Denmark Street for some Roly.
    Once, you hits things you can think about models and stuff.

    (think I've already suggested this, so apologies if I have!)
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      Yes, you already suggested this, and I've taken it on board. Thank you.
      I will certainly do that next time I'm in Town.

      I was also interested to hear from people who've perhaps made up kits from pads like the Pintech models, the low volume cymbals, and ideas for the brain to go with them.


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        Fully agreed with electrodrummers advice.

        You have a good budget, are you a home noddler? Have a computer?

        On paper, the best bang for your pound is probably:

        Diamond Drums E Bop 4 piece from 1450
        Megadrum for 170
        Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 142
        Collection of used Roland cymbals 238
        SSD5 VST (free)

        If you want to jump straight into full acoustic shells with VST nirvana like I did.
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          Many thanks, I'll check them out.



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            I think I would go for the 2box drumit 3 module from what you are saying especially since I noticed your budget is in pounds so easy to get in the U.K.
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              I was looking at that module

              On the advice of Kabonfaiba I've been looking at Diamond and that led to looking at Jobeky drums today online.

              Both are British brands, small companies. I like to support small businesses.

              Is one maker better than the other? Is there a quality difference?



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                Jobeky is certainly the better known operation.

                But I was aware of both companies and did plenty of research before I ordered from Diamond. I struggled to find any negative reviews about Diamond Drums, and the review of one of their snares in magazine sold me.

                If you want something bespoke, right down to the lugs, and don't mind waiting a few weeks. Diamond is all about crafting your personal kit.

                Saying that, I've seen a Jobeky kit, once, in my local drum shop and it didn't stick around long. It felt roughly equivalent to your average Gretsch / Mapex starter kit. Although comically oversized paired with Roland 12 & 13 cymbals.

                If aesthetics or sizes don't matter, you could easily get a basic gloss black from Jobeky with a module all in one - no doubt they can do it cheaper than Diamond. But the cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
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                  Wise words.

                  I see Jobeky do low volume cymbals too.
                  i do like the idea of a real metal cymbal....