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Any e-cymbals advices

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  • Any e-cymbals advices

    Hi, I'm a perfect newbie in the e-drum domain and I am looking for some advices.
    My main concern is to make/buy good quality e-cymbals.
    I 've been searching a lot on the web and found this Italian company GEARDRUM ? Have you ever heard about them ?
    I hesitate between their LV cymbals kit, the one of Jobeky or the Stealth triggers.
    Have you any good advices to give.
    Thank you from Belgium?

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    What module...?
    *** Never buy a module without MIDI IN ***
    Yamaha & Roland modules. DTX,TM-2, EC-10m, SP-404. Multi12. TrapKat. ControlPad. Wavedrum. Handsonic. Dynacord RhythmStick. MPC. Paiste 2002/Signatures. Cajons. Djembes. Darbuka. Windsynth. MIDI Bass. Tenori-on. Loads o' synth modules. And...a uke or three.


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      I would stay very clear of the Italian company that do not even have a working website (under construction, it say's).
      if budget is an issue, Jobeky is a okay option, I assume here you look for metal cymbals with electronic triggers on them. I do not have any personal experiences with any of these but for the lower end cost, Jobeky is usable, I'm sure.