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  • Used TD4 or new something else?

    Iíve got a 12 year old and a five year old who both want to get into drumming. Iíve played guitar for years but never had a chance to learn drumming technique. My wife played in marching band but hasnít played for a while either.
    At any rate Iíve got an opportunity to purchase a barely used Roland TD4 kit for $500 including throne. I trust the seller and believe it to be in excellent condition. Is this a good kit to learn fundamentals on? It looks like they were released about nine years ago and Iím not sure how much technology has improved since then. Does it make more sense to pick up a new unit like an Alexis Nitro or perhaps another unit designed for beginners? Open to suggestions from the group on what makes the most sense.

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    alexis nitro ? sounds like a pornstar.. lol
    no, i had a TD4 (old version like this and it's better quality than alesis nitro..
    there aren't many sounds, but the ones in there are also better than that option .. if it is an old version td4, just put some foam on the beater or pad,
    (just my opinion) ..if it's a full mesh version, then it's a no brainer.. ..any way, for a starter you can find a lot of good deals used .. there are always
    people 'quitting' drumming, or upgrading.. ..with cheaper/ beginner units technology didn't change .. some will even sound 'too cheap' ..


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      If mesh or at least a mesh snare then probably worth it although I donít know about the price as from the uk. Also Roland keep there value well. I bought a 2nd hand TD3 for my son a few years ago and got nearly the same back when I sold it to upgrade.
      Roland TD30 module on TD20 kit SD3 with various kits. Pearl Masters Kit, Yamaha 9000RC original natural wood finish. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions.