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Alesis strike using TD30 module

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  • Alesis strike using TD30 module

    Hi Im new to this site ,thanx read some great tips already in few minutes .I just bought an Alesis strike pro few months ago ,had so many problems with the module I don't even want to get into it ,I'm sure it could be a decent module for the price but the fact is they cheaped out and released it way to soon .they might get it together down the road but I will never buy anything from them again .So long story short I was able to trade the module in and I bought a used roland td 30 module ,it doesn't work perfect but what an improvement ,even the cheapie hi hat works well and was a breeze to set up .Im not sure how these Alesis pads will hold up I'm a gigging drummer ,time will tell .I'm keeping warranty on pads as long as I can will renew for 10 yrs if I have there is light at the end of the tunnel for anyone in the same boat as me ,and at the end of it all I prob saved $5000.00 I'm Canadian TD30 KV is $10.000 here quick question the snare pad is it just me or can I NOT strike rim and head at the same time to get both sounds out of the snare ,just something I noticed tonight ..have read the post on how to layer with midi cable I will try that this is something different ..cheers happy drumming I will be back

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    Im in BC L&M Vancouver & Richmond had some demo 30 KV's for 5 grand it was very tempting to change my purchase upon picking up my 50DP but I had just sold my 30 module..... I do prefer the 50's over the 30's
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