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  • Wish me luck

    This morning i prepped my acoustic DW Collectors by stuffing them full of towels, bags, paper to kill the acoustic tone. I will be running RT30 triggers with the SPD30 for sounds and acoustic cymbals.
    We are going to be playing a small boomy venue today in a school cafeteria/gymnasium/auditorum where drums often create quite a mess, and micing them to be in the mix just makes everything loud. The only mics will be on the hats and an overhead for cymbal mix.
    Wish me luck. This is the first time I have ever done this and am hoping it will work.
    Ill post pictures later
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    Good luck!! Sure it'll be fine!

    ...But I must ask what a "booby" venue is? Hooters?
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      Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
      Good luck!! Sure it'll be fine!

      ...But I must ask what a "booby" venue is? Hooters?
      Good catch! I fixed it. lol

      So it worked! It really worked! And the mix was so much better

      terrible picture but its all i have