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Combining modules to add pads

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  • Combining modules to add pads

    Hello all. I have a question about linking two modules together. I was playing on a TD-8 for a few years but recently upgraded to a new TD-11 and I am loving the 'newer' sound samples. However, I am a bit disappointed in the limited number of pads/triggers that I can use with the TD-11. would like to add more pads. I used to use a TMC-6 with my TD-8 but that does not seem to be an option with the TD-11 as there is no Midi in port. I happen to come across a great deal on another TD-11 so I grabbed it. I thought that I had read somewhere on line about connecting two of the same modules via the mix in jack on one to the headphone jack on the other thus enabling the use of more pads. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and instruct on the how-to's....such as which is the master module and which is the add-on trigger bank? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Module 1 audio out --> module 2 audio in....

    no master or anything, you're just sending audio, the modules aren't communicating.

    (Or just use an external mixer)

    (PS this should have been asked in "technical", before an admin spots it!)
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      Thanks electrodrummer....sorry about mis - post admin......I am new here ...also....I didn't think this was all that technical.


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        A lot of folks find a small mixer, the Alexis multi mix USB is good, you can even connect them to a pic using a USB cable to record simply. The mixer giver you great control over volume. I found mine as a open box special at GUitar Center really inexpensive. Best of luck with your two modules. TK Going to be strictly a DIY e Drum Community


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          Yep, external mixer here as well
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