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  • How Much Would You Pay?

    So I plan on finally getting rid of my dual TD-7 kit, dual meaning it's two modules and lots of triggers/pads, and was wondering what you think a realistic price of the kit would be if I was to sell it. Here is a list of the items in the setup:
    • (2) TD-7 Roland Turbo Drum Modules
    • (2) KD-7 Roland Kick Triggers
    • (1) FD-7 Roland Foot Trigger
    • (3) 10″ Pintech Crash Triggers
    • (2) 14″ Pintech Crash Triggers
    • (2) Roland PD-9 Triggers
    • (9) Roland PD-7 Triggers
    • (1) Pintech Ding Bat

    All hardware would be included (minus drum throne)

    Please don't mind the dust, I will clean them when posting for sale.

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    I personally do not see you getting much more than $400 - $500 for everything.
    Although the kit is complete with lots to hit it is old, very used, and all rubber.
    I wish you all the luck with your sale.
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      if you split them up ... sell them separately maybe you'll get more pd7/pd9 pads you can sell for $20-$30/each, modules maybe $150/each, KD7 maybe $40-$50/each, FD7 around $40, 5 cymbals you may get $40-$50 for all five rack around $40-$50 they will add up


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        In this case, I think Intruder is correct. I'm not sure exactly how much the kit is worth, but I'd be surprised if you got more than $1,000 USD and around the $500 USD mark seems appropriate. This is a case of quantity doesn't necessarily equal good return. The modules are outdated and no longer made, and they aren't one of Roland's desirable modules, like the TD-12 or TD-20X. The pads are all rubber, small sizes, and well used. The cymbals are well used. The bass drums are KD-7 style, which drummers may or may not like. Myself, I prefer a bass drum pad that allows me to use a bass drum pedal in the proper way. It's possible someone will really fall in love with that kit and be willing to pay more. My recommendation? Start at around $1,000 USD and see if you get any bites. If no bites, be ready to lower your price and re-list.


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          Originally posted by TangTheHump View Post
          Start at around $1,000 USD and see if you get any bites. If no bites, be ready to lower your price and re-list.

          This is my thought as well. I was hoping for $800 but being realistic i would except $500, but nothing less.
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