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Help! Hi Hat stand (Remote type) for VH11 is there a better option?

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  • Help! Hi Hat stand (Remote type) for VH11 is there a better option?

    After trying several combinations with my TD12 w VH11 and Steven Slate drums I have come to the conclusion that the VH11 top hat + FD8 is the BEST of all combinations for accurate HH control. This has created a problem with my HH stand. I simply need a remote HH stand (or something similar) that will clamp to the Roland Rack. I don't need the cable assembly as its unnecessary. I really don't want to spend 300+ bux on a Remote HH stand and only use the non mechanical parts. Huge waste of money. Do any of you Vdrum drummers have an easy and obvious solution? I am a studio owner and a bass player.....and NOT a drummer. So don't assume I know the obvious answer. Any detailed answers would be GREATLY appreciated and needed.
    Keep in mind I am using the VH11 top part so the top of the stand must have the narrow pole that the Hat hardware will attach to. Is there a combination of clamps and stands that will solve my needs and wont cost me a fortune?

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    If you are in Europe you can try Thomann remote stand. Mechanism is an absolute garbage but to use only as stand is really cheap. I make the mistake to buy one and is now dismantled in a spare parts box.


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      Thanks. I think I have stumbled into the answer for my own question. I was searching the wrong key words. I am pretty sure a combo of the Roland MDY12 and this guy will work fine.


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        The item you were originally looking for is called an "X-hat" - a remote Hi-hat without cable assembly. It is used by drummers to have permanently open/closed hi hats on their kits. Seems you found a boom arm version - there's nothing else more suitable for what you need than this (unless you are happy using an AX-20 clamp holding directly onto an X-hat, which may be slightly cheaper but won't give you the maneuverability that the boom version you found would).


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          Why can't you just use a normal hihat stand with the VH-11, with the clutch lowered and put the FD-8 to the left (or right) to the hihat foot pedal? Or just use the top half of your hihat stand and mount it on the rack?
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            Cheaper djska, but not better than the x-hat option (which would be cleaner looking).


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              If it doesn't have to move (physically be pedal controlled) why not just use a cymbal (boom) arm either with a rack clamp or on a cymbal stand? Readily available everywhere, as cheap or expensive as you allow it to be and very flexible in setup.
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