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Any advice for crosstalk on TD1?

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  • Any advice for crosstalk on TD1?

    The rack is so small and diffrent from the standard cymbal clamps which I like for rooms sake but I ammgetting crosstalk on the toms when I hit the cymbals. Any advice?

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    Hi Purplestrat,

    unfortunately TD1 doesn't seem to offer measuring crosstalk. However, the manuals trouble shooting section may have some advice for you:

    The sound of another pad is also heard when you strike the pad. / If multiple pads are attached to the same stand, the vibration of a strike can be transmitted to another pad, causing it to sound inadvertently. // Reattach the pad at a different location.

    Two or more notes are sounded when you strike once / Is the pad fastened to the stand? // Fasten the pad firmly to the stand.

    You may also try adjusting Pad Sensitivity (see manual).

    Best, Michael

    P.S.: you may achieve "a different location" by shifting its attachement point a little to the left or right; this may be enough to alter the impact of mechanical vibrations; if feasable you may consider introducing a thin layer of shock absorbing material, like you find in some parcels, or may be insert just a paper tissue from your kitchen.
    td-30 user ;-)