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Alternate Bass Trigger

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  • Alternate Bass Trigger

    Anyone ever tried using a standard pad, like a PD-85, as a bass trigger? I am envisioning mounting a pad on the horizontal support bar and just let it hang toward the floor. I purchased an extra curved bar a while back to help prevent my bass trigger from slipping, but since fixed the issue without it. I was thinking the portion of the pad closest to the floor could rest on it with rubber padding to help keep the other mounted pads from firing. Then maybe get an adhesive rubber disc to stick on the mesh head where the mallet strikes. Might this idea work? Reasons why it wouldn't? Thanks!

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    The bass pedal beater has too much mass for a regular pad. Usually the piezo is not directly in the center of the bass pad, it is offset so as not to take direct hits from the beater. When it come to the kick pedal, isolation from the otther pads is needed.


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      You don't happen to play Axis pedals do you. Their E-kit conversion works extremely well, but only with their pedals.


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        Pads may be flimsy compared to what is needed to take bass hits, but they may be ok too. If a simple offset piezo pad is what you need maybe try a PDX-6, not too much money at risk there. And let us know how it works out.
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          I had an older Roland kit (that used PD80 pads) and did just that with it. It worked just fine with a felt beater. I now use a home made trigger pedal for bass and have converted that kicked back to tom duties.


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            You could just use your regular pedal and attach a Krigg Triggera to it and remove the beater. It's what I use and does the job perfectly.