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Drummers Unite - We're the smartest there is!

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  • Drummers Unite - We're the smartest there is!

    A study that reviewed Harvard and Oxford papers claims that drummers are more intelligent than everyone!

    (Everyone else, that is. Of course we can't be more intelligent than "everyone" as the title of the article claims. That would include ourselves, and that's impossible, but, being so smart, you already knew that!) ;-)

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    Seen this tongue in cheek article before, good one!!!!

    I feel smarter already, even tho I just missed a beat.

    K ;-)
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      I don't think any of us should be too surprised! ;-)


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        Yea and we are better looking and get the best girls. Ive always known that.


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          Cool!.......................................this made me a Happy man LOL!
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            Like fine wine or oak cask whisky, the older the better.


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              If you really think about it,all drummers do is fully capitalize on the everyday things we all do.Breathing,walking,talking,blood pumping thru our "beating hearts" are all done in time,playing drums is primitive when you first start,not nearly as difficult to learn as with other instruments,no chords,scales,keys-just a nice 1-2-3-4 and you're on your way.The main reason why we are smarter is because of what it takes to get good,then better, then great-I believe syncopation is the hardest word in music and we can do it at will,hell yeah we're smarter!
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                In most sports, timing is everything. Wether your kicking or hitting something with a bat, the drummer will always be best. Even the timing of a punch line or chat-up line.

                No one else has a chance.


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                  Yes, drummers are smarter than everyone else.

                  And apparently, some drummers are also more gullible than everyone else.


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                    Thanks very much Jim. For years I have'd lived with this philosophy and in one second you have burst my bubble. Cheers Mate.