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TD10, TD20 (and TD30?) hard cases on Ebay

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  • TD10, TD20 (and TD30?) hard cases on Ebay

    The subject of cases has come up occasionally where I and others have mentioned the Roland hard case made originally for the TD-10. It's easily adaptable for a TD-20 and I suspect a TD-30. There are a few of these cases presently for sale on e-bay, thought I'd make them known should someone be looking for one. The prices on a couple of the ones up presently aren't too bad, and don't seem to be out of line for their condition.




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    Anything that protects your investment has got to be good. For a standard kit they sound like a good idea.

    Many many years ago my base drum rolled out the back of the bus on a motorway slip road cause someone had not done the rear doors up properly. There were a few scuff marks and a small crack in the case but the drum was untouched.

    If your gigging around a case is a must have mate.