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Question about TD11-KS volume settings. Help yo!

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  • Question about TD11-KS volume settings. Help yo!

    Hi all...new owner of a spanking new set of TD-11-KS' and was wondering what the best volume setting for each drum were so that the cymbals sound more balanced with the rest of the kit? To my ears, and I'm playing through a 1000 watt EV powered monitor, that the cymbals are much lower in volume in relation to the rest of the kit. Anyone else notice this? Was curious if anyone has them set at some sweet spot that I could try? Right now, I have snare, hi-hat, and toms set at around 85 and the cymbals at 100. Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'm not sure but it may be the pad sensitivity setting (Menu>System>Pad). You could try raising it a bit on the cymbals and see if it makes a difference. I had a similar issue only mine was with some of the drum pads. Just a thought....


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      I'll try that, but I've messed with the sensitivity a couple times. Not sure that's it. We shall see. Thanks for the response!


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        Ive got an old TD6V and assume your kit is much more advanced than mine. Have you built your own kit and gone into every trigger setting and adjusted the volume, pitch, decay etc etc, to get an overall volume balance for your kit that you like.

        Remember the cymbals will have bow, edge and possibly bell triggers that can be individually set.

        Also you can choose the cymbals, drums etc, you want by going through the library. Each has different preset values which can be adjusted to what you want. Id do this before I started messing with trigger sensitivity etc.

        I start with the kick and hihat on max volume (I like a loud kick), then everything else reduced from this.

        Once its all balanced you can increase or decrease the overall kit volume with the master volume knob.


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          Welcome to the forums!! How about a nice intro post in the Foyer section with some pics of your setup? In the future, post technical questions in the right threads and you will get way better answers and more of them. This is the Lounge, strictly for off topic and goofing off. Tech heads are actually in the tech threads looking to help.


          K ;-)
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