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how to hookup SPD-30 to record drumming to PC/Laptop using USB cable?

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  • how to hookup SPD-30 to record drumming to PC/Laptop using USB cable?

    I'd like to record my percussions playing from my SPD-30 to my PC/laptop. I tried the audio input [mic input] on my PC/laptop but the sound not very clear [i'm using Audacity freeware] as compare to listen to SPD-30 via headphone input in SPD-30. Is there a way that I can hook up to my PC/laptop using USB cable out from SPD-30 and into USB input on my PC/laptop? and what software to use to record and how to set it up. Please help. Thanks.

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    Hopefully some others more versed in the TD30 can chime in. I'm not sure if the TD30 uses USB for audio out so I can't help there.

    The mic input on a PC is pretty lame, unless you have a good sound card in there. You can make sure you're not overdriving the mic input by turning down the output volume on the TD30. You didn't say HOW you were getting sound OUT of the TD30 INTO your PC mic input, are you using the headphone jack or the main outs?

    A more expensive but more reliable and less latency way to go is to use a soundcard/box like a Focusrite or other quality brand.

    Good luck and keep us posted!!

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      main output from SPD-30 [left and right] using Y-cable into mic input of PC/laptop 3.5mm jack.