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Triggered bass drum makes for a weaker leg... at least for me!

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  • Triggered bass drum makes for a weaker leg... at least for me!

    After switching recently to more acoustic, I realized that playing the acoustic kick needs a lot more force than the triggered bass. This may sound obvious, but it seems like all this playing on a Pearl Tru Trac kick pad, and perhaps having sensitivity too high, made me progressively hit softer and softer for the same level of sound. The acoustic responds to dynamics MUCH more, and also quick doubles need a lot more force, especially the first hit, then on a trigger.

    Took some time to get my power back, but still needs more exercise. Going back to the trigger is so easy. Too easy maybe.

    Yamaha DTX-502 / (3) PCY155 Cymbals / HH65 HH Pedal
    Roland KD-9 Kick / DIY Snare (1 zone with DTX...)

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    I agree...I found when I would play a gig night on an acoustic kick I'd fall apart into the third set. I now use my electronic and lower the sensitivity way down.....


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      Yep its a problem. I have a back problem that causes pressure on the nerves to my legs. I dont have the reaction in my right ankle anymore so I took to using two kick pedals. My left ankle is so much stronger than my right that I know that if I was playing acoustic there would be 2 distinct kicks. On these E's though it dont matter cause both sound the same.


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        I would totally agree with you about this! My acoustic playing is suffering playing my edrums all the time.