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E-Drums 2 Double Bass Pads?

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  • E-Drums 2 Double Bass Pads?

    Anybody here ever set up a double bass, as in 2 bass drum pads?

    I know you're not really gaining anything but is it possible?

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    I have 2 separate ones and I do think there is an advantage in that you can tune them slightly differently.


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      What an idea! Double bass? Oh wait, sorry, a quick search brings up a lot of people doing that in here.
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        Originally posted by perceval View Post
        What an idea! Double bass? Oh wait, sorry, a quick search brings up a lot of people doing that in here.
        Ha Ha! There's always one!
        Actually, I did...and found f*ck all on it.

        BTW so there is no confusion, I meant double bass as in this photo.

        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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          Ahh, Old school.


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            Some of us feel the double pedals don't provide the finesse that you can get from two single pedals and two trigger pads.

            Then again, preceding other technical reasons, some of us just want two bass drums because TWO BASS DRUMS !!!
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              And if you want to use only one module input, you can do so with a Y cable/splitter, like Hosa YPP111 ...
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                I use two both for feel and because it gives me a back up in case one ever fails during a gig. Although I am switching over to one simply because I only built one with my DYI build. I'll probably build a second just because I like the look and feel.
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                  I've seen alot of good e-kit pictures with double kick pad. Like Triggera says I would get a splitter, get one more kick pad (whatever you use) and you have double bass without using additional input.