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My PD-100 is lost in transit.

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  • My PD-100 is lost in transit.

    I bought 2 x PD-100 from a seller on ebay. Both on different listings. Seller sent both via global shipping programme.

    Everything was fine until one of the drums tracking stopped on the 4th of September.

    Have now called Pitney Bowes and they tell me one has been "lost in transit" and they are sorry.

    These PD-100's were in mint condition. I now have to wait at least ten days to make a claim.

    Noticing all the sellers in the US are now using the Global shipping programme. Would rather do it the old way and pay import charges now. Sadly there is a lack of these in the UK at present.

    How can a company lose an item when both were handed in at the same time to be shipped ? Thinking its been stolen by a worker there.

    I'm expecting the other PD-100 to be delivered tomorrow and know its in the UK now.

    Rant over.

    Roland TD8KV with TD-10 Expanded Brain. KT-10. PD-120. PD-100 x 2. PD-80 x 2. Extra CY-12 cymbal. VH-11. TDM-10, NE-10. Korg PA-800. Roland XP-30. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-970. Mackie Mixing desk. Genelec Monitors.