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OCTAPAD SPD30 - Trigger compatibility.

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  • OCTAPAD SPD30 - Trigger compatibility.


    I am considering getting an SPD-30 and retiring the TD-4 I've been using as a "trigger hub", but I am unsure if the second part of my plan can be done.
    I am not an expert on different trigger types, but I remember reading here in the forums that there are certain variants - which is why plugging a snare pad to a crash input doesn't work very well.
    That being said, is there a compatibility table that describes which pads may be successfully plugged in on either of the inputs?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I thought I posted here already. Must have been a late night brain fade.
    See the Roland site on the SPD-30, they don't give a lot, but claim compatibility with PD, PDX, KD, and CY series.
    The Hat controllers are also likely limited to some but not all of the Rolands.

    If you have a specific pad, post it here and we can likely help you.
    The SPD-30 probably won't support three zone rides, but the manual will tell you if it can,
    meaning if it tells you how to do it you are golden, if not then probably not.

    If you have the original TD-4 set of pads and controllers, chances are all of them will work
    fine with the SPD-30. Buy the SPD-30 from a place with a good return policy (like GC),
    and you have very little risk.

    All Roland manuals are online on the Roland site too.
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      you can plug pretty much any dual zone pad into any of the inputs on the Octapad. They're labled KICK, SNARE, RIDE, HI HAT but I think that's more for users who want something easy and plug and play. The default INSTs will be those instruments on most kits. And the default PAD settings will be set up for Roland Pads. I believe the Kick comes set to a KD8, Snare is set up for a PD8, HiHat is a CY5. But for example, you can plug your kick into the Ride input and just change the INST to a Kick and change your settings to what ever works best for the trigger you plugged in. If that's what you want to do.

      In short, the inputs are set up as kind of a starting point template. They all work the same way. Dual zoned inputs. Even the kick is a dual zone if you ever needed it.

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        Awesome guys, thanks a lot!

        Sorry for such a late reply but for some reason I didn't get (or didn't "see") any reply notifications.