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TM2 - another use

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  • TM2 - another use

    Hey guys, just wanted to share something that might help other edrummers. I bought the TM2 and 2 triggers to add to the kit at my Church to add some oomph to the snare and toms (Bass drum is mic'd and sounds great). I didn't like the sound and was disappointed. So I tried an idea....I bought a couple of stereo y-cables and hooked up the TM2 to my TD30. First I did the bass & snare. Bass was AWESOME, but it made my snare sound like a combo of TD30 + the cheap machine gun effect we all hate. So I had an idea and moved the 2nd input to my 2nd floor for extra bottom end. The result is AWESOME. Wicked deep bass drum and a helluva lot more oomph from my floor, similar to an 18". Hope this helps other folks looking to boost their sound for under $200!!
    eDrums: Roland TD50KV plus TD25 module & additional Roland pads. Superior Drummer 2. Octapad II & SPD-SX pads. DW 5000 hardware, Boss DR670. Acoustics: DW Performance kit, DW Black Nickel/Brass snare, Zildjian K's & A's, Ludwig Classic Maples (circa 1970s).