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Where to start? Mis/non triggering cymbals

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  • Where to start? Mis/non triggering cymbals

    Hi all,

    Got a fairly old TD-6v (i think its "v", only the snare is mesh though) thats got issues seemingly with all 3 cymbals. I've tried a factory reset to rule out any software changes i've made.

    The 2 crashs seem to work most times when hit, but velocities returned are very often incorrect, sometimes multi trigger, etc. Hihat is worse and will often not respond at all, footswitch for it struggles to work too now, seems it only works when pressed RIGHT in.

    It worked when i got it, its been moved around a bit, wondering if its worth changing the cables out...? Or maybe theres something i can clean etc somewhere.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have found that through age, cymbal inputs and their cables can wear to create many trigger issues. I would suggest trying a new cable on each to see if it's the cable, input, or both. When I came across the issue, it always seemed to be easily fixed with a new cable.
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      Are your cymbals cy8s? They aren't the best! Checking cables is good, good luck!


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        Hi there,
        Maybe spray some Deoxit into the jacks. Takes all the crud off. Might as well hit the plug ends too.
        If the cables insert real loose, break into the pad and bend the contacts of the plug so they are making better contact with the cables.
        Good luck!


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          Welcome to the forums!!!! How about a nice intro and pics in the Foyer? have you fixed your issue? It's been 2 months already!

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