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Where do you look when drumming?

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  • Where do you look when drumming?

    I've seen this guys video sometime back about bad habits in drumming. His #5 is looking anywhere but the kit when playing and I do that about 90% of the time. When I take on a new song, I look at the kit where I'm hitting. I think... that is part of my visualizing of what the drummer in the song is doing. Once I've learned it, I look off to the side (Hi-hat and beyond) and concentrate on my playing.

    But, also noticed I was hitting rims or missing the pad completely. Especially with these small-ass pads (small-ass cymbals too) on the TD-15K. So the guy does make a good point about striking the kit more accurately.

    So slowly, I'm trying to watch what I'm playing, primarily to hit the kit parts correctly.

    Where do you look?

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    I never really thought about it but I most certainly look mostly to the left - I'm right handed. -- weird.


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      I generally stare out the window to my left, or close my eyes.

      I think that if you have to look at your drums, you aren't familiar enough with them yet, or they're not in ideal positions.


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        I look quite a lot at the drums I'm hitting but not all drums at all the time. I wonder if looking at your drums helps with muscle memory as a physical action is complimented by a visual indicator?


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          I look at my tv and watch whatever is on if it's an easy or moderate difficult song. If it's tough, I usually look at the drums for a bit then get frustrated and drop sticks and walk away and look at more interesting things lol
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            Oh I forgot....when I'm on stage I'm checking the hot ladies out lol


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              I saw that video, and as a new drummer, it messed me up actually. I have found that I play better and more musically when I am not looking at the drums. I know where they are generally, and my main concern is only to make sure I don't hit the direct center, which is not often (I have hot spots in my DIY's).

              That guy also has a snare roll technique video where more than one person says in the comments that if you follow his advice you'll ruin your technique.

              So, I try to stick with Drumeo and others I trust more.
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                I'm looking around at all the band members, the audience, anywhere except my kit really. I suppose when I'm by myself, I look more at the kit.
                K ;-)
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                  Originally posted by Kenster View Post
                  I'm looking around at all the band members, the audience, anywhere except my kit really. I suppose when I'm by myself, I look more at the kit.
                  K ;-)
                  Be honest, you're looking at the hotties! ..... Unless your wife is reading this forum .... in that case everything you said is true.
                  I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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                    Yes, I am picking which groupie I want to bang my drum with after the gig.


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                      Or which groupie wants me to hit their bongos with my stick lol


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                        I'm looking deep into my wife's eye's, remembering the first time I saw her and why I fell in love...OK, she just left, I'm checking out the hotties too! There are a few songs I tend to look more at the drums just because there is a lot going on, but I'm usually looking at the audience and the band.

                        Since I recently started playing again after a long layoff and am over 40, on faster songs I might be looking for a paramedic, just in case!
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                          That was so funny. We all look buddy and so do our wives snd girlfriends! As far as playing, I don't gig. So, I play in my condo and I look at everything , my pictures of the family, the tv, sometimes, and lately, I have been looking T my hand and stick positions to keep my stick heights equal and my strikes clean

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                        Originally posted by EssKayKay View Post
                        I never really thought about it but I most certainly look mostly to the left - I'm right handed. -- weird.
                        As a leftie, I typically look to the right ... but that's because my music stand is there and I'm often reading exercises, syncopation patterns, etc. If I do that for too long I need to stretch my neck and shoulders.

                        When just jamming along without reading music, I tend to look at the drums, which on an acoustic conversion kit is where all the eye-candy is!


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                          I often stare blankly off into space when I'm really concentrating on drumming. I have to be careful where I look -- don't want to end up staring at the wrong person!

                          I used to play acoustic drums 10", 12", and 14", and I don't think I looked at the drums much -- I knew where everything was.


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                            Since I've written this, I'm looking more at my kit and where I'm hitting. It seems to be helping me strike the center of the pads better