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Can I get a shorter L-rod for my snare?

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  • Can I get a shorter L-rod for my snare?

    I'm guessing this has been posted about before...but I'm finding that the L-rod for my TD-9 snare is too tall and I keep hitting my sticks on it (especially when playing toms). I could just take a hacksaw to it...but I'm wondering if there are shorter ones out there I could buy for a few bucks (which would look nicer than the gnawed-off end of mine if I hacksaw it!)


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    Actually, I guess I just realized I could just position the snare arm farther down on the frame and raise the snare higher on the L-rod...so I guess that's one solution! :-) (As long as the arm doesn't get in the way of my legs if I lower it 4-5".)


    • ohlarikd
      ohlarikd commented
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      Yes... that is the solution! Plus having the snare higher on the L-Rod allows for more positioning options without hitting the tube.

    • BWaj
      BWaj commented
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      This is what I do and I don't have an issue with my legs. You should be able to find a position that works for ya.

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    I had the same issue. Pulled out my grinder and I made a shorter one out of a longer one.
    I even got the bevelled edge to look mostly like a factory one. :-)

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