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Achieving hi hat closed to open sound

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  • Achieving hi hat closed to open sound

    I'm trying to get that sound (I don't know the name) heard at 1:03 and 1:05 http://youtu.be/ywxJSR042gg when you hit the snare cymbal right after releasing the pedal. Its pretty hard to achieve using Roland TD-11 with FD-8 hi hat pedal through superior drummer. I can't get the sound at all using the built in TD-11 kits.

    Is there a way to midi program the sound using Logic X?

    If you know the name; please tell!

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    Hi Runs. I had to watch your linked video to understand what you meant, because the only way to get a "closed to open" sound is a foot splash. However, what you hear at 1:03 and 1:05 is open to closed, the opposite of what you asked. Just hit the cymbal as you depress the pedal to get that sound. You will hear open hat then it closes. The exception will be if your module only features fully open and fully closed sounds and does not have the capacity to deliver "continuous control", or "CC". I don't have experience with a TD-11 module but I had a few old modules that only gave open and closed. These made it difficult or impossible to reproduce hitting the cymbal and then closing the hats. That's the main reason why I upgraded from DTX500 to DTX700 in fact.
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