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How to set up splitter

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  • How to set up splitter

    PLEASE HELP! I recently purchased a set of splitters from splitters.com to use on my TD9 set. My goal was to split the auxiliary input on the module with this male splitter so I could run 2 CY 8 crash cymbals instead of just 1. After setting the splitter up per the instructions, the issue I am having is, on the rim side only, the cymbal strike cancels out when I hit theKD85 kick at the same time. I think I might be having an intermittent problem when hitting any drum pad at the sane time as the rim sideCY8. I have it set up as trigger type PD125 sensitivity=10. Threshold=2. Rim gain=1.0. Rim shoot adjust=2.0. I have switched cymbals along with cables and had the same issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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    che k your crosstalk settins on the cymbal - thats usually the setting that cancels one noise when hitting with another pad. crosstalk numbers should be as low as possible without... ya know.. crosstalk.
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      My crosstalk was on 30, I lowered my crosstalk all the way down to 5 before it was consistent. Now it works great thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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      No problem. Glad I could help. Also, welcome to the forum!