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Miminimalistic Practice

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  • Miminimalistic Practice

    Last night "in a fit of laziness" I decided to just take kick snare and hi-hat to practice. I forced me to concentrate on the groove of the stuff we were playing... and forced me to figure out on the fly how to do fills with nothing extra. Practice turned out better than I expected with new fill ideas.... does every one do this on occasion....?

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    Well... this is certainly a very reasonable way to practice! Every beginning player should get taught this approach.
    I'm increasingly drawn by the simplicity to incorporate just the basics into my practice.

    Not that I don't like huge tom-fills, but at the end of the day, it's not the 5% of playing fills all night, that get the job done, it's 95% basic, tight grooves!

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      Two or three toms should be enough tom notes for any situation, unless you are playing melodic patterns as an orchestral feature in a solo or something like that. Large arrays of toms are more for appearance than music. Terry Bozzio should try what markw10 did. His kit is full of redundant items.
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