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    Isn`t that the Beauty of your Instrument? You can Play a 3 piece or you can Play with 3 Bass Drums, 7 Toms and some Percussion Instruments and added electronics (see Neil Pearts Kits over time). Both valid ways to express yourself, None better than the other.

    Concerning gear in generell I had 2 realizations in the past year or so:

    1. The difference between the 50 Euro No Name Bass Drum Pedal I started on and a Iron Cobra or DW 5000 is hardly recognizable for me. The pros don`t play better because the got better hardware. They simply played for 100 times more hours with more dedication and focus.

    2. The Drumeo Series where Bruce Becker and Jared Falk tried to recognize Drums and Cymbals by hitting them blinded was remarkable. When a pro drummer for 40 years, I guy that David Garibaldi came to for lessons, can hardly recognize the difference between a wood and a metal drum or the different woods on a tom.... you know that 90% of the sound is the heads, the tuning and how you play.
    Does hardly apply to us edrummers.
    A2E: PDP M5 Cherry Red, Drumtec Design Mesh Heads,Jobeky/ 2Box/Roland /ddt Triggersamaha Cymbals:PCY135, PCY155 Roland FD-9. TD17 and Audiofron eDrumIn Module. Triggering AD2, SD3 and SSD5.


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      ??? This links to Spongebob fakes out kid at amusement park


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        These days I wonder if what I am hearing is a true representation of the equipment being played or not. It don't matter if its studio recorded, recorded live or listened to live, every sound is being manipulated through the sound engineers electronics, plus all the computer generated sounds as well. There are gizmos to keep singers on key, drummers in time, and guitarists in tune. Please tell me if I am wrong. I feel the only true sound you hear these days is coming from the semi-pro band down the pub.
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