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Stick Control for the DT-HD1 Drum Tutor

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    Does this work for the new DT-1 aswell?


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      Hello everybody,

      this is a pretty old topic but since it is the only source I was able to find on the interned regarding DT-HD1 L/R indications,
      so I feel obliged to share my findings maybe that will be useful for somebody:
      1. So far I have no idea if that works with DT-1 software, I will be buying one so I will find out
      2. <- here you have all the commands you need to enhance your training patterns with L/R indications
      3. I work on Linux (Debian Jessie) so I was using MuSE that came with the distro,, it comes for a lot of HW platforms,
      so you can have it even on your tablet
      4. The main caveat is that you have to stripe the first and last byte from the commands provided by Roland in the file I linked in point 2
      Here is the detailed explanations if somebody wishes:
      Basically if you want to use: "Snare Right(#38): F0 41 10 00 45 12 19 26 00 00 41 F7" you should put only "41 10 00 45 12 19 26 00 00 41" in your SysEx command data part.
      (this is at least true if you are using MuSE, version that comes with Debian Jessie, as indicated above)
      5. I must admit the way I devised is a true PITA but at least it is something simple and good for short pieces,
      for long exercises I guess Craig's way + sed is way more efficient, but that is for *NIX geeks I guess...
      6. DT-HD1 works on Linux under Wine (again Jessie tested), but you do need a pretty good and well configured machine.
      7. on Windows this one might come in handy - both linux and windows versions available, looks like it can edit SysEx... Let us see...

      I would not be able to figure this out without Craig's work, I hope you are reading it Craig Thank you!

      anybody with any better/different ideas - kindly share


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        I use MuseScore 2 to write patterns and them I save them as mId files and they work fine in VDrums Tutor 1.01, I also open midi files in Muse Score and save the drums in mid