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Ache in thumb muscles

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  • Ache in thumb muscles

    Hi all.

    I am a born again drummer since getting my TD-6 kit. I am at it quite a bit.

    Something that I am experiencing is soreness in the large muscle at the base of the thumb on my right hand (right handed too) in a short time, about 15 minutes of playing. I do quite a lot of ride cymbal and shuffle/jazz style.

    Just wondering if this is common with new drummers? Could it be that the pads have a different kind of affect on the player? Harder to hit? rebound?

    I also had surgery about a year ago for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I guess this may have an effect on it too.

    Anyone have any experience like this?



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    Yep, that muscle can get pretty sore. I used to get the pain there also, and building that muscle through exercise and practice will build it up.

    Just don't over-do it. The minute you have pain, STOP. It might be tough, but take a day off once in a while to let the muscle rest and grow stronger.

    That muscle is used to grip the stick, so maybe you are holding a bit too tight? Try a looser grip. Have you had an experienced drum teacher look at your grip and technique? Just might help.

    Good luck.


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      That's very valuable advice. Thanks so much. I will consult some intructors for grip, etc.

      Something I tried is a bit of hockey tape to make a better grip. This might help ... not having to grip the stick so hard.



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        You are not alone
        check out this thread
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        check out a few videos


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          One thing I will suggest is to have someone look at not only your grip but also technique. If you are propeling the stick with your thumb on top of the stick, it can create a lot of shock. You may want to consider using your thumb and index as more of a pivot point with the back two fingers (pinky and ring ringer) creating more of the force to drive the stick. This technique is particular good for heavy hitters to use.

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            Yeah you never want to play with your thumb on the top of the stick, it's too stressful on the joints in your wrist and other muscles. Basically when you are playing, you want your elbows out an inch or few from your side, and the sticks at an upside down "v" if you will. like ^ when they are hitting the pad. I like to use my thumb and pointer finger as the main point of holding/pivoting the sticks, then wrap my other 3 fingers around, always play with all your fingers holding your sticks.

            And you should have your thumb be in between straight up and down on the stick, and completely on the inside, almost at a 45 degree, but slightly closer to the inside, if that makes any sense. You want to work on using just your wrist muscles to propel the stick. Don't try to do anything with your fingers until you're quite comfortable doing it with your wrist, then work on fingers, then a mixture of both. I've been playing for 10 or so years now and I'm still working on building my wrist muscles. To watch players play crazy fast and heavy for 30 minutes to an hour of fast technical playing and hardly get fatigued is amazing. I end up forgetting to work on excercies and building up my muscles and just end up playing on the kit, gotta get outta that habit, haha.
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              This is all very useful and informative.

              Thanks ... you guys rock!

              I'm so glad I found the Vdrums forum.



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                This guys got some good advice too:



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                  You can also try different sticks. I bought a pair of these and they do seam to relieve some stress on the tendons

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