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Need some good simple Basic Kick Technique to keep rhythm.

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  • Need some good simple Basic Kick Technique to keep rhythm.

    I need some good methods of keeping rhythm on the drums I am taking drum lessons right now, but I still am complete off beat while playing off beats with my hands in like drum fills, like everything fine but I can't seem to say independent on my foot it starts going crazy when I do things on the toms and snare and all that. Anyone have suggestions on this I resorted to smacking my right foot like you would smack someone and say stop that I guess trying to get my foot to understand that, but all it does is make it red, better ideas anyone?

    I am really getting frustrated I want to learn and I keep making myself mad cause I want to progress though I feel like I am not. When I take a break I feel like jumping back on, but no idea where to start. I swear I feel lost already.

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    These are problems every drummer deals with in some measure. Some a lot more than others, obviously, but that's what sets the great drummers apart from the amateurs.

    If you do not have the natural ability to make your hands and feet do what your brain "hears", then you will have to develop it slowly through many hours, days, weeks, and months. If you are having trouble with fills, perhaps you are trying to run before you have learned to walk. Everyone learns at a different pace. If you try to rush yourself and fail to establish a firm foundation, you will continue to face frustration.

    Practice with a metronome and do quarter notes over and over again until they are even, solid, and steady. Then progress to eights and sixteenths. DO NOT move up to anything faster or more complex until you have MASTERED the very basic exercises. You might want to consider a device like this:

    You say you are taking drum lessons. If your teacher is not addressing these issues, find one who will.

    Ultimately, it is practice, built on a firm foundation of the basics, that will create progress for you.


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      I have a coach in my Kit yet I have no idea how use it.


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        Captain Obvious asks, "Is it explained in the manual?"