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Hi Hat and misc positioning

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  • Hi Hat and misc positioning

    Hi all.

    Just got into drumming (TD 12) and being playing around with positioning a million different ways. I just don't feel comfortable at all. I have to assume that's it's being so new to this instrument.

    I've moved the thone up/down - left/right and now I finally feel that I found the right height. However, the hi hat and double bass pedal seem out of place in relationship to where I sit.

    From the numerous videos I've seen on youtube or the DVD starter kit I bought (Jack Bennett), everyone has there own positioning. Personally I feel more comfortable with the snare tucked in between my legs, which in turn limits my foot mobility. I've tried sitting further back, but I feel like I'm reaching for the toms and cymbals.

    Checking out the kits from the users here, the HH pedal is far left and the DP is just to the right of that. When I set mine up like that, I feel that I'm twisting to far left to control the hi hat. So I moved the DP outside of the HH and the HH feels good, but the DP feels off. I hope I'm explaining this correctly.

    I guess in time, things will click for me but it's just feels so awkward to twist my feet when playing the HH (almost like a dancer). I've seen people moving the HH to the center, but I want to learn the traditional/standard way.

    Also, do you guys sit directly in the middle of tom1 and 2 or a little off to the left of tom1? I'm a little left.

    Any tips?

    I'll post a pic tomorrow of the arrangement I've been in torment with. Maybe you can spot something that I don't notice.

    Thanks all.

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    Im in the same boat have had my TD8 for week now and its been mostly up down up down with changeing everything.Ive not been drumming long so maybee its just been new but im yet to find a position were i feel comfy and able to reach everything ok.

    As im writing this im moveing it around again


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        For what it's worth, try a lot of different things until it just clicks for you. The HH on the left originally came from the left hand using the underhand grip. The underhand grip came from the 1800's when snare drums were carried on a sling and hung at an angle. With an under hand grip you are twisting the wrist a good portion of the time. However, if you use a matched grip, a lot of us have a tendency to lift the fore arm which can get in the way of the HH motion. The first 23 years I played with my HH in the traditional position, but when remote HiHats came out in the late 1980's, I started putting it above my ride toms straight out in front of me. I have been playing it that way for 24 years now (I think). The matched grip also lets you sit back a bit futher from the drums. I sit behind my drums, not "Inside" my drums. This is very comfortable for me, but we are all different. The great thing about Edrums is that you can move things around so easily. Try new things every few days and before you know it, you will have your unique set up.