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Fixing the CY-6 cymbals, Updating the TD-6?

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  • Fixing the CY-6 cymbals, Updating the TD-6?

    Hi there.

    I have arrived here after searching the internet about fixing the cymbals (CY-6)
    and not finding anything. I hope someone has some suggestions for me, thanks in advance!

    Here's the deal: I may be purchasing a friend's neglected TD-6 kit (orange LCD version) and I noticed that the cymbal triggers choke on every hit - on both of them. Is this something I will be able to remedy myself, or am I in for a new set of cymbals? I'd rather try to repair them. If I need to get a replacement pair, are there more durable cymbal triggers out there?

    Also I am wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade the kits in it, and what that would cost me - if anything - and what the options are regarding this.

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    Are you sure its the cybal pads and not the actual unit? You can pick up cybal pads on ebay.
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      Welcome to the forum. Cymbal choking can be an issue with the CY-6 cymbals - I found it was worst if the cymbals sit quite level and your stick slaps the edge sensor - any delay in lifting the stick can cause it to choke. If you tilt the cymbals so you strike the head at more of an angle with the tip of the stick, rather than slapping it with the length of the stick then you might find that self-choking is less of an issue.
      If the problem is still present you may have to think about taking the cymbal apart and checking the edge trigger ribbon - if it is damaged or you have rubber debris gathering around it this might cause it to choke excessively. To do this you need to be prepared to peel the rubber back carefully to expose the innards, then glue it back down once you are finished.
      Have you tried searching the site for CY-6 and choking?


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        I am positive it's the cymbals and not the unit. I should probably take them apart, as I have been playing them with the tips more than shank... At an angle, too. And yes, I tried searching:

        The following errors occurred with your search:

        1. Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.
        We'll see what happens when I get them apart...


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          A search for CY6 and repair returned 4 threads, the most relevant was this

          CY6 and choking returned 14 hits including...

          Perhaps I was just lucky with the search engine today


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            Silly me, I was searching for CY-6.

            Thanks for the help, I'll go read up now...