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Notation Question

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  • Notation Question

    Probably a simple question that maybe I missed the answer along the way, but I was wondering what the significance is of whether notes are joined.

    Take the following:

    Do the first four notes sound different than the second four notes? Is the joining at the top arbitrary or does it denote some nuance? How about when the joining line at the top declines or ascends?

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    Just seeing that - it's the same. Sometimes, jazz will be written cut up like that to express a specific groove with the song's feel. (swing, 3rd's, etc)
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      Thanks Alan!


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        The beaming usually depends on the time sig. Simple time is usually beamed in 4s although 2 is also quite common. Compound time is usually in 3s. If the beam goes up/down, thats usually because the notes have gone up/down. Also, with odd time sigs, it can be used to indicate the pulse. EG in 7/8, if the pulse was 3+2+2, that'd probably be the grouping used.


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          All 8th notes counted the same way.
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            Thanks for the explanations!