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Budy Rich's One Handed Roll

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    One handed Roll buddy Rich (attempt)


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      Originally posted by Oz DrumR View Post
      In a local music store there's a handwritten advertisment by an 81yr old guy who's saying that he can teach "easily" the one handed roll.
      Are you sure he doesn't mean the cigarette kind of roll?
      Id rather be told the ugly truth than handed a pretty lie.


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        try this link if it works , if not type it in your browser and check out his videos some pretty good stuff.
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          first off......gotta hold the sticks right

          love at 1:25 lol


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            I read this thread a week or two ago. Stumbled across this clip this evening.


            I'm not sure I can sound that crisp with two hands!


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              Originally posted by fartnokker View Post
              Some old guy named Jim Chapin demonstrated his version of the "one-handed roll" to me & some others at a clinic once. Jim's techinque involved using the left hand in traditional grip, and actually fanning the stick from side to side. Ol' Jim is a character, but he knows more about drumming than I'll know in 4 or 5 lifetimes.

              Your old timer is probably about the same age as Jim, so there's no telling...

              Just read this for the first time....

              Some old guy named Jim Chapin !?! Please, do your homework. Jim Chapin (father of folk great Harry Chapin) is a drumming great that virtually every jazz player and many more pros credit as one of the founders of modern drumming. He wrote "Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer" and is the only living student of Sanford Moeller (as in Moeller method).
              Look for Jim's videos on youtube. They are remarkable.


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                Originally posted by klp View Post

                I can play the rim-roll as described by digitsone. You can hear what it sounds like at my Web site:
                Click on the link entitled Navin at Guitar Center. In the middle of the solo I play the rim-roll. I play the roll with my right hand and use the left hand to muffle the SD for effect (and to make it obvious that I was playing the roll with one hand).

                This technique is more gimmick than skill. I always believed that anyone could learn to do it--even people who can't play drums. After reading these posts over the weekend I decided to try to prove this. Sunday afternoon I was, in fact, able to teach my wife (who can't play drums at all) how to do the one handed rim-roll in about 5 minutes' time.

                I have seen Dennis Chambers use this trick in a clinic. He said that he learned it from watching Buddy Rich but I have never seen Buddy Rich do it. Clayton Cameron also does it in one of his solos on "The Living Art of Brushes" video. I learned it ~15 years ago from a drummer in Tucson who claimed that Billy Cobham showed him how to do it but I have never seen Cobham do it.

                There are other one handed roll techniques and some of them require real skill. I have seen some drummers alternate the first and second fingers on the left hand (traditional grip) to get a one-handed roll. I have also seen Rob Carson use a technique that alternates between wrist and finger strokes. That stuff takes practice... The rim roll? It's easy!

                Look Ma, one hand!
                Dennis Chambers did not see Buddy Rich do this roll, he didn't need it, Dennis was shown this by a guy in a Baltimore drum shop but doesn't give him credit, basicallyhe stole it and put Buddy Rich's name to it to not give credit where credit was due...pretty ****ty I think ...the guy who first started using it in the 70s.


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                  Here's a few resoruces to review on the subject:








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                    check out a young Joe Ascione: