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TD-8 Question...

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  • TD-8 Question...

    I've had the studio kit for two days now and have poured through the manual twice. Where and How can you save a kit that you have created from scratch with all it's parameters?

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    You will have to save it in place of one of the factory kits. Just choose a kit and start tweeking away. The TD8 automatically saves any changes you make.
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      I forget where in the manual its at (I'm at work right now) but just pick a kit that has a lame-o set you won't use. Then make all the changes to the kit you want. The changes will be saved over the default settings for that kit. If you want to restore the original settings for the kit you can. You can also do a global reset as well.

      Scan through the Advanced section of the manual and you will find the procedure for resetting a kit to its default settings.