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TD-7 with PD-80R and CY-8

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  • TD-7 with PD-80R and CY-8

    I wanted to share this tip with anyone thinking about using the PD-80R and CY-8's with TD-7 module. Our church got back the Roland TD-7 kit back and I was working with the module to get it ready to sell, so I brought it to my home I connected it to my TD-6V kit, the PD-8's, FD-8, KD-8 works well with the TD-7 but the CY-8's and PD-80R doesn't work as well. With the PD-80R plugged to the snare input, the head only works the rim doesn't. The CY-8's the works ok with the TD-7 but not as well with the TD-6/6v/8/9/10/12/20. There is no setting for the CY-8's for the TD-7 in the manual for CY-8's. So I wanted to let everyone know in case there was someone thinking about using the TD-7 with CY-8's and PD-80R. I only messed with it for a few minutes so there might be someother people that have used the CY-8's and PD-80R with the TD-7 and got better results and found solutions for them with the use of a TD-7.
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    Much appreciated, Ron, Thanks!

    I just bought a like new TD-7 off Ebay, as my first module. I'm incorporating it, by building up a set from scratch, using a PDP EZ drum kit, similar to JmanWord's. I still have to choose heads, piezos, misc. hardware, etc., as I'm really in the beginning stage.

    From what else I've read, the mesh heads may not work with the TD-7, either, which is what I was really hoping for. I may have to build my own mesh heads, to see if they will or not, but I hope so!

    Any technical information is good information, at this point!