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Cure for noisy rubber pads and KD-7

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  • Cure for noisy rubber pads and KD-7

    If any of you here are suffering from floor vibrations/noise created by your PD-6/7/9 and such or a KD-7 kick trigger, here is one more solution. I have just tried it and to my surprise it worked remarkably well.

    For the rubber pads:

    Wrap the ends of your drumsticks with little moleskin patches (those sticky ones you put on bruises; you can get them from any pharmacy). Before you put it on, each piece should be approximately 4 inches wide. Having them on your sticks noticably reduces the vibration of the rack and everything else that's under it. I was also surprised by the fact that I like the feel of the pads better that way. It seems to give me more control over how fast the sticks bounce off. The whole kit feels tighter. Now, this does not magically dispose of the problem, but it certainly helps to some degree, without compromising the dynamics (and even improving them, it seems to me).

    As for the evil brother KD-7:

    Moleskin again! Fold a piece of moleskin (a few layers). And put it on top of the KD-7 (I attached it with rubber bands). Now, on the module, raise the sensetivity of the KD-7 to about 150% of its current level. Congats. Now you got yourself a KD-7 that is about 10 times as quiet as the one you used to have. Pretty simple for what it acheives.
    (Don't forget that some kind of insulating platform under your set while you are using a KD-7 is still essential.)


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    I sold all my V-drums!!! I can bet you this is only temporary, though.

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    I am a new owner of a V-Club set and less than one week later, I am already in trouble with my downstairs condo neighbor. So much for silent drumming. When I do my Ginger Baker impression I guess it transmits the vibration directly to the cieling above the couch where the guy watches TV. He is a nice guy and woudnt have said anything if it wasnt bothering him. I actually went to his unit and talking to my wife over walkie talkie had her hit the pads to determine the offending one. You could faintly hear the main pads whn she hit them hard but the big offender was the KD7 pedal.

    The condo we own is a well built building. Even the second floor is poured concrete with a concrete float on top of that. We have berber carpet which typically doesnt have as much padding as loop or cut pile carpet. My plan is to put two carpet layers over a pad over over a heavy cardboard layer. then place the pedal on another piece of foam. Experiments I have done seem to show that this deadens the vibration significantly. I tried using a dense closed cell foam and it tranfered almost as much vibration as nothing at all. The foam needs to be fairly soft and I believe open cell works better than closed cell.

    I have tried Dimitri's tip of using moleskin but I went one step further and used Molefoam instead. I cut a piece for the beater and the KD-7 pad, attatching it with the self stick. I then played with the trigger sensitivity, threshold and response curves. I have the sensitivity at 16, threshold at 1 and the response curve to log1 instead of linear.

    The result is a much much quieter pedal that you dont have to pound on to get a louder sound. Since the curve is logarithmic a little harder hit makes a much larger sound.

    I will post again to let you know if I have made the neighbor put his place up for sale....I hope not....he is a nice old guy..I could end up with a real grump.

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    The Captain


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      I had another thought to quiet the head sounds......how about cuting circles out of neoprene nylon (ie: Mousepad material or wetsuit material)to fit the pads. What would be cool is to get different colors change them as a set or mix and match. I think it would quiet the stick noise lots.

      Also....when I was learning to play drums, you could buy practice tips for the sticks. They basicly were a rubber "condom" that went over the tip of the stick and allowed you to practice on any hard surface. I am just getting back into drumming so I am not sure if they are available....might be able to find them at a shop that deals with school marching band type equipment.....I will look around, get some if possible and report back.

      The Captain
      The Captain


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        I have used the rubber "condoms" on my sticks and they actually made the cymbal and PD7/PD9 pads louder! The added weight at the end of the stick felt funny too. They do work well on the mesh pads though. I bought them about a year ago from Musicians Friend.
        V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums


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          [QUOTE]Originally posted by captainbk:

          I will post again to let you know if I have made the neighbor put his place up for sale....I hope not....he is a nice old guy..I could end up with a real grump.

          Well...after more than two weeks, no complaints from downstairs neighbor. I have also gone to a much lighter stick than I was using before. This seems to impart less vibration to the frame and floor.

          I am having soo much fun.

          The Captain


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            Hey guys,

            Thanks so much for all the hard work. I've been jammin on my Club set during comprimising times in relation to the 50 year old alcoholic single lady downstairs. It all started thanks giving day when I first got my kit, I live in an apartment, so I was really excited to finally have my own kit. I jammed for like 3 days straight and finally the cops came to the door. I was using headphones so there wasn't any apparent noise. I open the door, there are two county police officers standing there asking me about loud music. I was like uh... as crickets were chirping in the dead quiet. It didn't dawn on me that it was my kit. So I've tried a billion and a half different things to quell the issue. I've come to a painful comprimise with the lady downstairs. I get to play until 6:30PM. Well, screw that. I've got a good lick in my head and I've got to get it out now! So this will help me a great deal, I'm going to order some light sticks and work on nabbing that KD-7 crap. Would switching out the KD-7 for the mesh kick trigger help this issue? is it worth it? Thanks again fellas.


            "Hey, put your seatbelt on, I wanna try something. I saw this in a cartoon, but I think I can do it."
            "Hey, put your seatbelt on, I wanna try something. I saw this in a cartoon, but I think I can do it."


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              My advice: leave your sticks alone! However, switching to a lighter stick is always preferable, since you're playing Edrums anyway (why pound the hell out of triggers?-get out of the acoustic mentality!).

              If you use the search engine in this forum, you'll find that this issue has been dealt with extensively (I had the same problem when I lived recently in a cheaply constructed apartment). There is a lot of great advice including building platforms, ect.

              For the fast way, I used 6 layers of alternating carpet and very good padding on the floor, stuffed the rack tubes with packing popcorn (the pd-7s and 9s transmit most of their vibration through the rack), and definitely lose the kd-7 if you can afford it-buy the kd-80. After layering the carpet, a thin sheet of plywood between the first two layers and the rest will provide stability for both you and your kit.

              Lastly, move your kit to another location for a week or two (since the neighbors have been sensitized to listening to the particular problem area) then move it back to your choice location.

              Hope this helps,