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Remote Hi Hat/Aux Hats...

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  • Remote Hi Hat/Aux Hats...

    Last week I came across an interesting concept while experimenting with the stereo "Y" cable...

    I took two PD-7 pads, for example, and plugged each pad into the female end of the stereo "Y" cable and then plugged the male end into the "Hi Hat Pad" input. Obviously, you get the same head and rim sound, right?

    Well...next, I mounted one PD-7 pad in the 'traditional' hi hat position and mounted the second one on the right side of my kit...next to my ride pad.

    With the second pad on my right side, I found that I could play the second hi hat in an 'open position' - an alternative to the traditional cross-handed style. And, better yet, I realized that the FD-7 controller works with EITHER pad...(One hi hat pedal...two sets of hats!!!) By the way, I didn't have to change any settings on my (non-exp) TD-10.

    Stereo "Y" cable at my local Radio Shack: $6.00

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    Interesting… and both triggered fine with good velocity?

    What about the hat pedal, when it opened and closed, did it trigger both hats for open and closed hat sounds? Wouldn’t the both hats react at the same time to the pedal, thus having the two hats going on at the same time?

    It sounds cool and worth a try.



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      I've just put another CY-12H on the right side of my kit. I did try it with a Y-cable, but that only allows play of an identical hat in two positions. Instead, I have assigned a closed, and "mostly" closed sound to the one on the right. I now use that when playing double-bass intensive stuff or quick transition stuff on the right side, and then can head back to the left hand one for open and closed dynamics stuff.

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        Isn't this the same as "daisy chaining" pads together into one input? If there was such a thing as a "10 into 1" cable you could connect 10 pads to one input and trigger the same sound on 10 different pads.
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          Yes...I think this is "daisy-chaining" two pads together (just like two KD-7's...for double kick).

          Anyway, what I found with the two hi hat approach is no loss of sensitivy and total control with the FD-7 using either pad. Kinda cool when playing 16th notes with both hands...R/L on each corresponding pad.

          Dr. Kildrum is right...you can do the same thing with cymbals. Of course, both pads will have the same instrument assigned to the head and rim...but on opposite sides of the kit, depending on placement. (I believe Kenny Aronoff uses the same size and type Zildjian crash on his left and right...a very common approach!!!)

          And, either pad allows the "choke" function. Give it a try and have fun...


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            Still a great idea!!!

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            I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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              I Y'd a 8in visulite with my cy-12h and put it off to my right, it works perfectly with the hh controller and i never touched my settings.

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