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Having triggering problems? Have you tried...

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  • Having triggering problems? Have you tried...

    I know this is gonna sound REALLY basic, but how often do you clean your contacts?

    After reading through a bunch of posts, I'm wondering if cleaning your contacts would solve some of these triggering problems?

    I found (the hard way) that Roland modules are really sensitive to dirt and corrosion on the jacks and plugs. Even when the connectors look clean, they can still be dirty enough to cause problems.

    I started off with a TD-5 and now use a TD-6, but everytime I start to have problems with triggering, I use a good contact cleaner to clean the plugs on the ends of the cables, then use a Q-tip soaked in cleaner to swab the jacks on the brain and the pads (use a fresh Q-tip for each jack, and then use the dry side to absorb excess cleaner and "polish" the contact). Works every time without exception!

    I've been lucky enough to be playing every Sat and Sun for the last year and a half, and cleaning the contacts has been proven (to me anyway) to solve many problems.

    It's kind of a law in electronics (I used to be a tech) that you always want to check the simple stuff first.

    Just a thought. Hope it helps someone.
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    Basic, but effective. I clean my contacts and check my cables everytime I set up my set before and after a gig, and once every two weeks I clean the contacts.
    Good tip, Slash!
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      Hey, what do you use to clean the contacts with?



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        Originally posted by FloridaDrummer:
        Hey, what do you use to clean the contacts with?
        I clean mine with a solution from Bausch & Lomb. That way I am able to see well enough to tell if my cable jacks are dirty.

        Just a little humor. Try A+ non-conductive, no alcohol, no residue, no flashpoint, great stuff.

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          Agreed, Deox-It by Caig ( is excellent. They also have ProGold for gold contacts and R5 for cleaning/enhancing. Use their stuff in my studio and on my "audiophile" gear. Well worth the small investment IMHO.

          Enjoy the music,

          Steven R. Rochlin
          Enjoy the music,

          Steven R. Rochlin