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Snare sounds for TD10-EXP...need help

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  • Snare sounds for TD10-EXP...need help

    I need help. I want to set my td10-exp snare sound so it can sound like the snare sounds in Brian Adam song "Anything I Do I Do It For You" abd in Santana New Album with the song name "SMOOTH" and any snare for Country Music songs. Please help.

    Thank you.

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    Youi're going to have to screw around with the sounds a lot to get exactly what you want. I don't know if you are trying to cover the song or if you just like the snare sounds on those tunes....

    Bryan adams - For the snare sound, I'd start with the Ballad snare in the exp v-snare category. I'd add some low end to it, compress it with a slow attack to lengthn the sound a bit, and then process the crap out of it with an almost gated reverb. Those toms are electronic for what I can tell and there may be a bit of electric snare behind that snare as well, which of course you cannot do with the Vs (no sound layering), but I think you can get close enough. Aside from that, you may be able to take one of the "MediumX" snares and modify their pitch so they are very low.

    Smooth...the snare is so small, it's really hard to tell exactly what it is. I'd start with a piccolo, make it a little deeper than normal (like maybe 5.5"), give it a wood shell, loosen the snares a bit, put a little muffle on it, like maybe one or two tapes, just to get rid of a bit of the "ring". I thin that you just don't want it to sound TOO much like a piccolo. I've got a 13x5.5 DW maple snare that sounds a lot like this when I want it to, though it usually has more ring sand is tightened up more for higher pitch. It's not quite a pic, but not ful size either. There is a very small room reverb on the drums in general. Overall, it is a pretty dry, tight kit, anyway, so that the other percussion, which is panned pretty hard, can come through without issue.

    Hope that helps.
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