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Fat Snares

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  • Fat Snares

    Can somebody send in some good settings on fat snares Im playing in a country rockband
    and I want some standard snares as well.
    I think to many of the snares are to Funky for my taste, you can tone it down but I still have problems to find the right sound.
    I heard the loops on E-drummer(steve lynch)site.On the rock loops the snare sounds great but what are the seetings. I have a TD8 by the way Marko

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    Don't know the sounds for the TD-8, Marko, but one in the TD-10 that I use as a kind of "default" snare is Medium3S, if I recall the name correctly. I use a 6" wood shell, coated head, standard tuning, thin doughnut muffler, and medium to tight snares. I used to use a little EQ on it as well, but since I got the BBE, I don't need any.

    Lots of times, you just have to experiment. The standard sounds might not be to your liking, so you can just take one that is closest and tweak it a bit. That's one of the many great things about the V-Drums.

    Good luck,


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