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Vdrum Rack-Clamp Adjustments

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  • Vdrum Rack-Clamp Adjustments

    Hello. Well my V-Pro showed up today, but the rack was in poor condition (I think they shipped me a previously used rack). So, now I have to return the whole thing Well, I just thought, since I had setup the rack, how can I adjust the clamps as to not scratch up the finish? I had loosened them all the way, but the clamps are tough to move. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    If the rack is a Roland rack, get a different rack!!! Roland racks are for kids to play with not for pro applications.

    Try searching for racks in this forum to get some examples of past & present posts regarding racks.




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      I know a lot of people don't really care for the Roland rack...but I've had no problem with mine (except when a bar brawl broke out at Spondivitz (don't ask) and about 6 guys came THROUGH my two week old kit).

      In this case, thank God the clamps were just a bit loose, because the whole rack would have been destroyed if they didn't GIVE just a little. I'm sure if I were using the Gibralter clamps (which I do like), the pipes would've split!

      Seriously...None of my clamps have cracked or broken in the almost three years I've had the kit. And there for a while it was being transported to and from gigs once or twice a week.

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        You might be the lucky one redbrick. I have a few friends who decided to change to an edrum system from an acoustic set and when all of them went with Roland racks, they were quite disappointed. So if you are not having any trouble what so ever, more power to you !!!!



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          Must have been a good crop of V racks to Georgia, as I have had no problems either.

          I thought I would mention that what a lot of you may assume are scratches, may very well not be. I have noticed that when you slide the Roland mount brackets on the rack they leave behind a residue of some sort that on first inspection appears to be scratches. If you take a damp rag and wipe the rack in the affected area you may find that the apparent scratch wipes off quite easily.

          Hey redbrick...if you are playing at Spondivits again let me know, I'll come shuck some oysters and check you out.

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            Two of my clamps were broken on delivery. The retailer who sold me my V-Pro kit convinced me to use the Gibralter clamps as replacements because they are much stronger (they definitely are). They work fine, but I noticed that they left (real) scratches on the Roland stand. As far as some clamps being too tight to move, it helps to take the drum or cymbal off first before you try to move the clamp (unless you are only going to make a slight adjustment).
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              I had the same problem when I got my V-Pro kit in the mail. I found that the best solution is to take a standard screw-driver, and gently pry the clemp open. This should solve all of your problems. I only wish that I had figured this out before I spent hours moving all my clamps around. I would also have to say that the Gibralter clamps are so nice. For all my add-ons to the kit I use the Gibralter clamps.
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                One of my clamps broke on my old TD-7 but so far so good on the V-Drum Custom. My only complaint thus far is how to stop the pads from moving!?!? My hi-hat and snare pad constantly shift on me! And hey, what's with all these Atlanta guys! Maybe we need to get an Atlanta V-Drum group together!

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                  Nice pics! I've also noticed a lot of posts from Atlanta. Your suggestion for an "Atlanta Group" is a good one for many reasons. Although this forum is invaluable for it's info, there are advantages to getting together "in the flesh". I recall a Roland clinic by Mike Snyder at GC that was a tremendous help for me, then a new V-Custom owner. With enough support/lobby in Atlanta, maybe we could persuade Roland to offer more programs here? Another possibility would be for one of the larger retailers to sponser a V-Drums event where experienced users could set up there gear and share tips, techniques and answer all the questions generated during a meeting of the minds? Egos would have to be left at the door, though! Imagine the gratification of being able to squeeze a little more out of your investment in terms of the untapped potential of this gear? There's a lot we could and should learn from each other.