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    Hi....I am a new and proud owner of the V-Club set, purchased from MidWest Percussion, (It came in a week, I guess that qualifies as a miracle from what I've read). I also purchased @ extra Cy-6's, and I was wondering what the easiest and cheapest way to integrate them into the set. I dont mind losing the double triggering on 3 of 4 CY-6's I own (I plan to use them as crashes, splash's, etc.). Also, are there any effects I can add to any drum/cymbal. Thank you so very much.

    Justin the Ever-Yearning
    Justin the Ever-Yearning

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    Hey folks! I made a few changes to the descriptions below in order to, hopefully, make it clearer as to what gets pugged in where and with what. I hope it's now easier to understand.

    How about plugging one CY-6 into the second crash trigger, and then replace the PD-6 being used as the high-hat with the other CY-6, that will give you a dual trigger high-hat (Edge)!!!

    Then, you get a Hosa insert cable, model STP-203, and mount the PD-6 that >was< your high-hat as the second floor tom, using the insert cable to plug both floor toms into the tom 3/4 trigger input. You will discover that the cord won't reach both toms, no problem. Just split the wires apart. Only split them enough so that both plugs reach the toms.

    Now you have a 5-piece set with a great selection of cymbals and a dual-trigger high-hat! Does it get any sweeter?? It sure does!!

    Just save a few more dollars, and get a PD-80R dual trigger mesh pad. Mount that as your snare, then mount the leftover PD-6 as a accessory pad for whatever your heart desires!

    Here's how...
    Mount the PD-80R where the snare goes. Plug it into the Snare input using the supplied stereo cable.

    Now, using a Gibraltor hatched clamp and L-bracket, mount the PD-6 pad that used to be your snare, between two of the toms. You may want to try to mount it on the cross-bar, as putting it with the floor toms may put too much weight on that mounting bar. If you do mount it with the floor toms, make sure the bar is all the way in the clamp and that the clamp is firmly tightened. Check it periodically to make sure it's not loosening up on you.

    Now, plug the PD-6 together with your second tom (the one mounted on the cross-bar, on the right...) into the Tom2/Aux input, using another Hosa STP-203 insert cable, like the one mentioned above. Split it as well so that the plugs reach both toms.

    Now you have a 5-piece set that'll do rimshots and cowbells, or maybe even another tom, making it a 6-piece set!

    The clamp, bracket, and insert cables can all be found at your local GC.

    Pretty nifty for a "humble" V-Club set, eh?


    (Apologies for the length of this post...)

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      Nice advice.
      hey wait.

      Nice advice, the drum plays.
      Like a stream flowing down.
      It is funky.

      I made a haiku.

      I'm so enlightened.

      Maybe not.

      Jeff, using...
      td 8,PD-120,
      pintech pads,gibraltor rack, JBL G2 EON 15 AND Mackie srs-1500, BBE 462 yamaha maple customs, remo jazz kit, buttloads of cymbals... 96 Tahoe,leather.

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      The original Gig Pig.


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        Check out my original reply to this post, above. I have added to it and, hopefully, made it clearer and easier to understand.



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          Thanks a lot for your responses on my question. I will surely have more. : )

          Justin the Ever-Yearning
          Justin the Ever-Yearning


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            No problem! Let us know how you make out.