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rack question

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  • rack question

    I got a V kit about 2 months ago. The rack
    is really a pain, especially the painful sliding of the drums and cymbal stands around the fact that you have to dismantle almost everything to move a drum or cymbal from one side or level to another. It makes it totally impractical to move the kit or use it in live situations unless one has mechanically-inclined roadies. Does anyone manufacture clamps that clip on rather slide on for the drums and cymbals or should I just go out and by individual drum and cymbal stands and be done with it?


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    Quite a few of us here have had very good experiences with Gibraltar rack clamps. They are not only hinged, which makes for better adjustability, but they're a lot more dureable.
    E-mail me if you need item numbers, and I shall recite the Interstatemusic catalog, otherwise Sam Ash and GC can probably help you.


    BTW, the Gibraltar clamps are also cheaper than the Rolands...
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        A few months ago I bought a second hand Pearl rack(for about US$125) and it doesn't round pipes but ..... (damn, dunno how to say this in english). I've owned a Tama powertower rack before, but I'm much more pleased with the Pearl rack!
        Whenever you want to move a tom or whatever to the left or right, just loosen the tomholder-rack clamp and move it. I don't have to worry about if it will fall down or whatever.

        I'd really like on of those Pearl DR-500 Icon racks, but they'll cost me 3 times as much
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          Originally posted by wgblackmon:
          Does anyone manufacture clamps that clip on rather slide on for the drums and cymbals...
          Roland makes what they call "hatched" clamps (they are hinged). Gibraltar and some other companies make hinged clamps too and are often stronger and/or cheaper. A hinged clamp can come off without any sliding and be placed anwhere else (even between two other mounted clamps) without moving them.


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            Go with the Gibraltar clamps.
            I'd go with them just to stick it to Roland for making such a [email protected] rack!

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              I would go with the Sound Percusion clamps they are the same as the Gibraltor but they are only $10 I have some and am very happy with them.

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                Roland is starting to make rack clamps that clip on. You don't have to take your rack apart to get them on!
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                  Whether you go for the Gibraltar clamps or the Sound Percussion clamps, I would recommend that you to get some Gibraltar memory locks - they will fit both types of clamps and are worth every penny...
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