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KD-7 moving

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  • KD-7 moving

    I have always had trouble with my bass drums sliding forward when being played. Instead of covering my KD-7 with a boat load of duct tape everytime I play out, I have been using a new technique that has been working pretty well for me. What I did is used a gibralter clamp and an old Pearl type tom holder; I put the Gibralter clamp on the very bottom of the front, right leg of the rack and stuck the tom arm in it so that the tom arm extended in front of my KD-7. You can adjust the tom arm so that it is basically lying on the ground parallel to the ground so the KD-7 rests up against it. I did this about two months ago and it has not moved yet. It saves on the duct tape and looks a little better.

    I would be interested in hearing anyone elses ideas on keeping their bass drums from moving.


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    Originally posted by Zigs:
    I would be interested in hearing anyone elses ideas on keeping their bass drums from moving.

    I just use the big ole spikes built into the bass pedal.

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      I just use the skrews in the kd-7 and my pearl pedal on some carpet.


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        I have a 3'x5' industrial carpet (rubber backed) that I set my V's up on. My main bass pedal (KD-7) uses an AXIS A pedal. The awesome industrial velcro strips on the AXIS pedal plate grip the carpet so well that the pedal stays put through everything, and requires some effort to lift off after the gig. My second bass pedal (KD-7 & Pearl P101P) is held in place, along with the FD-7 pedal, by a template board affixed between the two left stand legs.

        I dislike using the metal spikes as they tend to tear up the carpet, my cases, and my hands!

        Hope this helps.
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          This is from my old Pintech kit. I had a wandering kick problem myself.


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            Wow BtnkBndt that is a sweet set up you got there. It seems that will hold the whole drum set in place. Believe it or not in the past I used an accoustic bass with electric trigger and then attached my bass via a short tube to a gibralter clamp on my Vdrum rack. It appeared to be a good idea, but ended up eventually moving the whole rack.


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              A couple of suggestions for keeping the KD-7 (or any other type of kick trigger) from "creeping"...

              First, as mentioned, use the screws provided on the KD-7. Secondly, look into a different type of carpet...maybe a thinner carpet. And, lastly, use more velcro on both the KD-7 AND kick pedal bottom.

              Hope this helps!

              (By the way, I use the upright Pintech kick trigger and it stays in place very's heavier and has lots of velcro on the bottom)


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                I have a separate cymbal stand in front of the bass drum pedal, its rubber foot extends to just the side of the KD-7. The pedal also sits directly adjacent to the the joint of the vertical and horizontal rack tubes. There is a segment which extends forward a bit from that joint, it ends in a rubber foot as well. I too had creeping problems, but one day I accidentally dropped a drumstick, which landed in front of the pedal. As the pedal crept forward, the stick wedged itself between the cymbal stand's rubber foot and the rack stand's foot; the tip of the drumstick was driven under the horizontal rack tube and pressed against (forward) the back of the rubber foot on the end of the tube. The stick was held on the floor against the front of the KD-7, and stopped it from creeping. I left it there. Not very attractive, I admit, but nobody really looks at this thing except for me. May work for someone in pinch, though (very useful things, these drumsticks).


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                  Has anyone tried those "Gig Rugs" they are selling now at all the big music stores for about 50 bux? They look kinda thick and fuzzy to me.


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                    I have another suggestion to help keep your kick/trigger(s) in place.

                    If you're using some type of carpet under your kit (electronic or acoustic), you can fasten some small "mounts" to the carpet to keep the bass drum foot or kick trigger in place. I remember seeing an item advertised in Modern Drummer a couple of years ago...I think they were called "rug locks", or something similiar. They were about 2" in length and were plastic. They had two holes drilled into them, where the small bolts fit into.

                    Something like this would help keep things in place during a performance AND would keep your set-up (pedal "footprint") consistent.

                    I hope this helps!


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                      I glued an old drum stick to the carpeting in front of the pedal. It has worked great so far!

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                        VELCRO is the way!!! It works great for me
                        to v or not to v?


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                          I agree with ToBiMan Velcro is the solution for me. I bought some self adhesive velcro strips at the local home improvement store for about $2 bucks and it works great. I only use velcro too no spikes are necessary.



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                            I made a pedal board out of wood and put screws in all the right places to keep everything tight. I painted it black to make it a little more attractive.

                            Photos at:


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                            Good Luck!
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                              I have a new fix for wandering kicks that is standard for my kit now. Spikes and velcro aren't an option, and the 'floorboard' isn't very transportable nor flexible for changing positions (which I do sometimes!). So, I took a 3'+ length of a thin black metal bar (it was a siderail from a filing cabinet), and simply laid it horizontally behind the 2 vertical posts of my rack. My KD-80 rests against it and never moves. Simple and easy to transport!

                              P.S. Cyberjam, your webpage takes a long time to load as it seems to have several large images and applets. I didn't want to wait for everything to finish loading, so I never saw it. You might want to consider trimming it down a bit so that other visitors won't be similarly discouraged.