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Roland Trigger Foam Substitute?

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  • Roland Trigger Foam Substitute?

    The local music store here in Halifax is selling the Roland trigger foam pieces for $20 a piece.

    Initially I was going to convert my Pintech Concert Kick Mesh headed pad to be a little more like the Roland but the $20 plus taxes price tag per foamie changed my mind.

    Well I looked around the hobby shops for this foam just in case a substitute popped up when a kind lady suggested this cosmetic sponge/applicator.

    She sent me to the cosmetic counter looking for items called Blending Sponge Wedges.

    Ya know, them little triangles women use to put that makeup on the faces with.

    $5 later I had 32 of them. I figure you have to hot glue two of them together to get a good contact.

    I will keep you DIY'ers posted once I have glued a few of them to my Pintech as an experiment.

    Have a good one!

    Kelly Mercer
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    My Youtube Channel!

    My "home studio" webcam!

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    I tried another foam when I was fiddling with a rototom conversion. It was a 'miracle sponge' or something like that, sold in a hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes). It's more of a fairly dense foam than a sponge. I cut a cone out of it using scissors, and it did work quite well. But then I decided I didn't like the look (as a snare with my Customs) and wanted to keep my rototoms with my acoustics. $^)


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      Strange. Here in Norway I bought 4 rubber cones direct from Roland Scandinavia for $3 apiece. Maybe you should check directly with Roland?


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        Hey vandel
        Do you have a web address I can order them from. I can't seem to find the cones anywhere.



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          I called Roland here in Norway, www.roland.no , and they sent them to me. The cones weren`t listed on their webpage, so I had to call and ask if they sold them separately, wich they did. I don`t know if they will ship to the US though. You would probebly have to call Roland`s US dept. www.rolandus.com