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Case for KD-120?

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  • Case for KD-120?

    Auuuugh. I have the hard cases for the rest of the kit, but my KD-120 is taking a beating. There are no pelican cases that will hold this, and I cannot seem to find any type of hard case that works without having to nearly completley disassemble the drum.

    What are you guys/gals using as a hard case for your KD-120?

    - Hans

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    So far I'm using the same thing you are. I'm beginning to think the "Holy Grail" now has become the case for the KD-120. Seems Roland should help us out and sell a specific case for KD120. They could then in true Roland fashion sell it for 4 times it's value, but we'd all have to get one cuz there's nothing else that it's gonna fit in.